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ALLIED CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CO. was founded in 1985, with a main goal of producing different types of detergents and sterilizing products to serve both local and external markets.

At the beginning, ALLIED CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CO. produced all types of detergents and sterilizing products for many purposes, under supervision and royalty of German and English companies, and after it took all essential experience, it relied on its well experienced staff to carry on with their up to date knowledge.

Allied Chemical Manufacturing and Trading Co. cover all needs of local market of detergent and sterilizing products to commercial and industrial sectors.

In 2003, allied included the Dead Sea Minerals to its range of products.

Our main line of products being Dead Sea Cosmetics, for humans ranging from day creams to cleansing milk lotions, etc… and Pets, covering varies kinds from shampoos, conditioners, colognes, Dead Sea mud and cleaners.

We have satisfied customers scattered within the region and overseas. Currently we are reshuffling our distributors in the region such as Saudi, Iran, and UAE etc…..

Our products are nicely packed, unique, and of high end quality, and this encourages our customers to deal with us. This is to the addition to the after sale service support we provide to our line of products whether for humans or pets.

Having said the above, our products quality meet the international standards whether for specifications or quality assurances as we are a Quality assured firm enjoying ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.




Allied for Special Dead Sea Products Company was established as part of Allied Manufacturing and Trading Co., one of the most reputable manufacturers in Jordan, established since 1985.

Allied for Special Dead Sea Products benefits from the vast resources of Allied Manufacturing and Trading Co.'s R & D (Research and Development) and with the help of the most reputable experts in cosmetics formulation.

Allied for Special Dead Sea Products Co. works under a very tight quality management system complying with ISO9001 standards. Environment is also one of our utmost interests and therefore we manufacture all our products under environmental friendly conditions for which we got the good housekeeping seal, and even in the selection of our packaging material we insisted to use recycled materials in all our products. Our products have never been and will never be tested on animals.

Allied for Special Dead Sea Products produce all its products under the brand name "Miracles of Dead Sea". This brand name was carefully selected to indicate that our products will have a miracle effect on your skin and hair; therefore we believe that our products are gift from MOTHER NATURE.

Miracles of Dead Sea products are carefully manufactured using unique combinations of natural Dead Sea minerals and mud. These natural ingredients are carefully blended with creams, masks, soaps, shampoos and lotions, a complete cosmetic range for face, body and hair to help your skin stay healthy, smooth and young-looking, and leave your hair clean with natural shine.

Miracles of Dead Sea products undergo rigorous laboratory testing before, during and after all manufacturing processes, to make sure that our products will be delivered in highest possible quality. The whole concept conveys nature, quality, care, beauty and pleasure.

Regular use of Miracles of Dead Sea products will maintain the metabolism of your skin cells, protect and revitalize the skin, guard your skin's natural moisture, stimulate circulation, enhance natural skin regeneration, and will provide the energy needed for active cell transport After studying most of the Dead Sea products on the market and through the assistance of the most reputable cosmetics formulation experts for more than one year, Allied for Special Dead Sea products carefully formulated its products to make sure that our products will be of the highest possible value for our customers.


Allied Chemical Manufacturing & Trading Co. developed and implemented a quality management system to demonstrate its ability to provide consistently product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity. The quality system complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.


ALLIED CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CO. did establish a reputable name in both the local and export markets by providing its customers with high quality products that are efficient and cost effective to suit their needs and satisfaction.

ALLIED CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CO. is committed to comply with customers’ requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by setting, implementing, and continuously monitoring quality objectives through adopting and implementing a quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

Our aim at the end is to market the right product at the right price at the right quality to all customers.

Currently our plant is being upgraded so to meet the local FDA requirements as well as ISO 22716 being the GMP guidelines in order to offer high end products with best manufacturing implementation.

By complying with ISO 9001: 2008 and GMP requirements Allied would achieve its policies and objectives.


Also Allied Chemical Manufacturing Co developed and implemented the environmental management system (EMS) to improve its environmental management and, ultimately, to reduce the impact of its operations, activities, products, and services on the environment. The EMS complies with the international standards ISO 14001: 2004. The scope of the system at Allied Chemical Manufacturing Co. covers the plant and facilities.


In order to conserve the environment from industrial adverse impacts and pollution reduction besides giving a good image for the company and its products, Allied Manufacturing & Trading Co. decided to establish and implement an EMS based on ISO14001: 2004 standard, which complies with its short and long term objectives, combined with the commitment to provide necessary resources to achieve these objectives.

Main objectives for implementing ISO 14001 in our company are:

  1. Best utilization of water and energy.
  2. Reduction of emissions and pollution.
  3. Improving work environment and safety continuously.
  4. Complying with related environmental laws and regulations and their requirements.
  5. Adopting new strategies & Initiatives towards a cleaner production by offering several training courses, awareness events, also disseminating information between workers on how to change their habits towards a cleaner environment.
  6. Continuously improving the implemented EMS and Environmental performance.

Allied’s top management is committed to communicate this policy to all its employees and the interested parties.